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Permits, Licenses, and Forms
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Special Council Permits (SCPs)

Under the Gloucester Zoning Code, the City Council is a Special Permit Granting Authority for a variety of projects regulated by the Zoning Ordinance. Permits  granted can range from major projects such as shopping centers to specialized projects such as assisted living facilities and can also include small projects by individual such as a dock to an individual's residence.

All applications for City Council Permits must be approved as complete and filed with the office of the City Clerk by the end of business hours (4:00 PM) on the Wednesday before the next City Council Meeting.

City Council Special City Council Permit (SCP) Timeline

Special Events Permits
All completed Special Events Permit Applications (revised 1-27-2017) must be filed with the City Clerk along with the appropriate fee, at least four weeks before the Special Events Advisory Committee meeting.  The Special Events Advisory Committee meets the first Thursday of each month. Meeting dates are subject to change.  The City Council Planning and Development Standing Committee must approve all street closures. Applications that require street closures should be filed at least eight weeks in advance of the event.

At the time of application, the following fees will be charged:
$50.00 for for-profit organizations
$25.00 for not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organizations. Non-profit organizations must submit their 501(c)(3) form with the application.

Business Certificates (DBA)
Click here for more information on filing a business certificate in the City of Gloucester.

Application for Permit to Conduct Raffles and Bazaars
The organization must be functioning as a non-profit for at least two years in order to be eligible for a raffle permit. Permits must be signed off by the Chief of Police and returned to the City Clerk's office for the Clerk's signature. The cost is $25.00 and the organization is allowed up to 12 events per year.

Worker's Permit
Worker's permits must be completed and returned to the Principal's office at the Gloucester High School. The City Clerk's office does not accept/process completed forms.

Transient Vendor Permit Application
Vendors wishing to vend at one-time events (such as the annual Sidewalk Bazaar) must purchase a Transient Vendor License from the City of Gloucester in order to sell. 

Vendors must contact the organizer of each event to secure placement as a vendor. Once the Transient Vendor application has been filled out by the vendor, the application must be turned in to the event organizer, who will then obtain the required sign-offs from the Police Chief and the City Clerk.

Vendors must contact the Board of Health for any additional licenses that may be required pertaining to food or other activites (such as face painting).

Taxicab/Private Livery Driver Application
Applicants for a license to operate a taxi must bring a completed form and a current driver's license to the City Clerk's office. The office will supply the applicant with a CORI request form which be will run by the City Clerk.

The cost of the license is $50.00 (payable at the time of issuance) and is valid from the date of issuance until December 30th of the current year.

Hawkers and Peddlar's License

Available at the City Clerk's office. The initial Hawkers & Peddlers License Application must go before the Licensing Commission. Hawkers and Peddlers are prohibited from some City streets as listed in the Code of Ordinances, Chapter 11.

Hunting and Fishing License

No longer available for purchase at the City Clerk's office, hunting and fishing licenses are available to purchase from the state at www.mass.gov.

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