Where Can I Dispose Hazardous Residential Waste/Items?

The DPW/Recycling Department holds two Residential Hazardous Waste Days, typically one in the spring and one in the fall. Gloucester residents are allowed to bring up to 25 pounds or gallons of material at no cost. For over 25 pounds/gallons, an additional fee will be assessed. For up to 10 gallons or pounds over it is $30.00, 11-25 gallons or pounds over the charge is $50.00. Acceptable Household Materials Include: Rubber Cement, Airplane Glue, Fiberglass Resins, Photo Chemicals, Chemistry Sets, Furniture Polish, Floor & Metal Polish, Oven Cleaner, Fluorescent Bulbs, Mercury-Bearing wastes, Drain & Toilet Cleaner, Spot Remover Rug & Upholstery Cleaner, Hobby/Artist Supplies. Acceptable Yard-type Waste: Poisons, Insecticides, Fungicides, Chemical Fertilizers, Weed Killers, Moth Balls, Flea Control Products. Acceptable Workbench Waste: Oil Based Paints only, Stains & Varnishes, Wood Preservatives (except Penta), Paint Strippers and Thinners, Solvent Adhesives, Lighter Fluid. Acceptable Garage Waste: Fuels/Gasoline/Kerosene, Motor oil, Car batteries, Antifreeze, Engine Degreaser, Brake Fluid/Carburetor Cleaner, Transmission Fluid, Car Waxes and Polishes, Driveway Sealer, Roofing Tar, Swimming Pool Chemicals. Unacceptable Materials - Do NOT Bring any of the following: Latex Paint (to dispose of latex paint, pop lid, let dry, throw in trash...acceptable), Empty Containers, Trash, Commercial or Industrial Waste, Radioactive Waste, Smoke Detectors, Infectious & Biological Wastes, Compressed Gas Cylinders (other than propane), Ammunition, Fireworks, Explosives, Flares, Fire Extinguishers, Prescription Medicines/Syringes, Asbestos. How Can I Safely Transport These Hazardous Materials? (Important: Never Ever Mix Chemicals!) Leave materials in original containers, tighten caps and lids. Sort and pack separately: oil paint, pesticides, and household cleaners. Pack containers in sturdy upright boxes and pad with newspaper. Pack your car and drive directly to the site. NEVER SMOKE while handling hazardous material. During the residential hazardous waste day collections, residents are asked to schedule an appointment to bring their materials to the DPW yard. The Recycling Department can be reached at (978) 325-5600. Check the City’s website in the spring and fall to find exact dates; typically April and September.

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