Animal Complaint FAQ

Animal Complaints FAQ

Additional information can be found at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health website and the Department of Agricultural Resources

What do I do if animals are attracting rodents?

If you have a complaint regarding rodents being attracted to a property because of the improper storing of food or waste associated with the keeping of an animal, you can contact the Gloucester Health Department. An inspector will be sent to the site to investigate and if an issue is found to exist, an enforcement order to mediate the problem will be sent.

Applicable Regulation: Massachusetts General Law Chapter 111 Section 122 – "Regulations relative to nuisances; examinations"

Helpful Links:

Preventing Rodents From Entering Your Home (PDF)

Rodent Prevention Tips (PDF)

An animal got loose and was killed, or injured. Who should I report this to?

If you believe that an animal has died, or is injured, due to neglect, please report the incident by contacting the Animal Control Officer for the Gloucester Police Department for investigation.

Applicable Regulation: Gloucester City Code of Ordinances Chapter 4 - "Animals"

For more information, please contact:
Gloucester Health Department
(978) 325-5260

Gloucester Building Department
(978) 325-5210

Gloucester Police Department - Animal Control Officer
(978) 325-5480