Lost at Sea

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Lost at Sea Register

We have compiled a list of fishermen lost at sea and other drownings based on the work done by Roberta Sheedy for the Memorial Plaques at the Fisherman’s Statue on the Boulevard at Gloucester Harbor. This list has been expanded and updated, and no longer is restricted only to fishermen from Gloucester or on a Gloucester boat. It now includes not only those Gloucester people lost at sea while fishing, but any death by drowning, whether at sea, in the Harbor, or rivers or lakes, and also deaths of fishermen on shore if their death was caused at sea. Therefore, while there were no women on the original list, there are some on this list. There are also children and vacationers, engineers and dockworkers – anyone who we felt should be included. A cross-hatch (#) after the name indicates that the person had no connection at all with a death by fishing or drowning in the sea.

This list is unavoidably incomplete – we will probably never recover the names of all the Gloucester people who have been lost at sea. Any additions or questions should be sent to the Archives Committee.

Abbreviations for Lost at Sea List

/either/or, between dates, names, places or events
1850 deaths[GlouArchives]
BBabson, John James, History of Gloucester
BBMD/BVRBeverly vital records to 1850
BCRBabson Church Records [GlouArchives]
bd.boards at
BentleyDiaries of William Bentley
b-i-l/obrother in law of
BN&ABabson’s Notes and Additions, 1 & 2
BosGloBoston Globe
CAADCape Ann Advertiser
CABCape Ann Breeze
CAHACape Ann Historical Association, now CAM
CAMCape Ann Museum
CAWACape Ann Weekly Advertiser
CBCape Breton
CC143lists of fishermen lost [GlouArchives]
CC169Gloucester Police Record [GlouArchives]
CC208List of vessels lost [GlouArchives]
CGCoast Guard
cou/ocousin of
d/odaughter of
DASDeaths at Sea – early list
Dollivercemetery inscriptions [GlouArchives]
Ell.Ho.PprsEllery House Papers [CAM]
Elwell.papers on Elwell family by Levi Henry Elwell [GlouArchives]
EPEastern Point
Essex Co. ProbateEssex County Probate Records, Salem, MA
F&AFast and Able, Gordon Thomas
f-i-l/ofather-in-law of
FMRFisherman’s Memorial Record Book, ProcterBros, 1873
GDTGloucester Daily Times
GFIGloucester Fisherman’s Institute
GTGloucester Telegraph
h/ohusband of
HSGA?lost reference, but has to do with Argyle, NS
I.C.Indentured children, apprenticeship papers [GlouArchives]
L @ Slost at sea, old list
LafataGaspar Lafata
LoVList of Vessels, Procter Brothers [CAM, SFL and GlouArchives]
MVMartha’s Vineyard
NANational Archives Waltham
NA/Wwreck reports at National Archives
NA-C or NA-Hcrew or hospital lists at National Archives
Nat.Naturalization papers [GlouArchives]
NBNew Brunswick
NEHGRNew England Historical & Genealogical Register
neph/onephew of
newflossNewfoundland Lost at Sea website
NSNova Scotia
OFisherman’s Own Book, Procter Bros., 1882
Pnewspaper at Sawyer Free Library
PEIPrince Edward Island
PIGPigeon Cove, Early Settlers, by Allen Chamberlain, 1940
Pool/PPPool Papers at Rockport Public Library
PRPringle, History of Gloucester, 1892
PrybotPeter Prybot, White-Tipped Orange Masts
res.resident of
s/oson of
SCJJournal of Samuel Chandler (in BN&A2)
SFLSawyer Free Library
SRSelectman’s Records [GlouArchives]
SSCWSoldiers and Sailors of the Civil War [GlouArchives]
SSRSoldiers and Sailors of the Revolution [GlouArchives]
st.stone in a cemetery
St.J’s Daily TelSt. John’s Daily Telegraph
StoryDana Story, The Shipbuilders of Essex
SwanMarshall Swan, Town on Sandy Bay
u-i-l/ouncle-in-law of
VRVital Records
w/owife of
WIWestern Islands, Azores
WWIWorld War I veteran
WWIIWorld War II veteran