Harbor Plan Committee

The harbor is Gloucester's most valuable economic development asset and the continued commitment to planning for its future is a priority.  Gloucester is experiencing a lot of momentum and change while still trying to address challenges posed by infrastructure needs, regulations, and climate change.  The success of our local maritime economy is contingent upon looking at the unique aspects of Gloucester Harbor and the challenges and opportunities we face.  This plan will be formulated in the context of the recent amendments to the DPA regulations and the challenges of climate change, to reinforce our seafood industry base, and to build on recent development successes in the marine research and development sector. To help guide and support this effort the Mayor has formulated a Harbor Plan Committee composed of a cross-section of interests and representative stakeholders. A project website has been developed in conjunction with the city's consultant and can be viewed at the HARBOR PLANNING WEBSITE.


  • Harbor Plan Committee meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis to guide the development of the Plan. Please visit the Harbor Planning Website for more information. Final meeting details will be posted under Public Notices on the City's website. 
  • Currently all meetings are being conducted virtually. Go to Virtual Meetings to find out more. All virtual meetings are being recorded. Go to Past Remote Public Meetings on the City's website to view. 

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meeting.
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Meeting results are available, following approval.
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Harbor Plan Committee Staff and Consultants 

During this planning effort, the City of Gloucester will engage consultants with considerable experience in the preparation of Municipal Harbor Plans and Designated Port Areas, and that can provide detailed analysis and recommendations on the potential of emerging markets.  The consultants will also have expertise in the area of coastal maritime operations and facility needs.  Previous harbor planning efforts have emphasized the importance of land use and economic analyses, however, this effort must also provide an in-depth study of both public and private infrastructure needs, as they are critical to generating economic development successes. 

The consultant will receive support from the City of Gloucester including, but not limited to, staff from the Community Development Department, Harbormaster's Office, Department of Public Works, the Gloucester EDIC, they Mayor's Office, and the Harbor Plan Committee.  As part of the planning process, the consultant will also reach out to other municipal departments and develop a public outreach strategy and manage the public outreach process.

Public participation is a vital component of Gloucester's Harbor planning efforts and it will be integral to identifying beneficial development and activities that are also sensitive to the environment, existing neighborhoods, and balanced with the needs of the community-at-large. The increased capacity of a consultant to plan and facilitate public meetings, virtual or otherwise, is vital to the plan's success and adoption.

Please visit the Harbor Planning Website to contact the Plan consultants and City staff.