Municipal Lien Certificates

A Municipal Lien Certificate (MLC) is a legal document that is used to obtain tax information for all property sales or refinance transactions in the City of Gloucester. Per Massachusetts General Law Chapter 60, Section 23 the Collector of Taxes for any town having more than five thousand inhabitants, shall upon written request by any person, furnish to such applicant a Certificate of all taxes and other assessments and charges due.

Please mail your request with the appropriate fee and a return envelope to:
City of Gloucester
P.O. Box 61
Gloucester, MA 01931.


The following fees went into effect on August 9, 2011:

  • Land less than one acre with no permanent structure: $50
  • Land with no more than a single-family residence and outbuildings: $50
  • Land with no more than a two-family residence and outbuildings: $50
  • Land with no more than a three-family residence and outbuildings: $50
  • Land with residence of four or more families: $125
  • Land with a commercial, industrial or public utility concern structure: $175
  • Farms, forest land, and all other real property: $75
  • Land with one acre or more with no permanent structure: $75
  • Mixed-use land (as classified by the Assessors): $75