Triad Program

Triad - Law Enforcement, Support Services, Senior Citizen

What is Triad?

Triad, once called the S.A.L.T. (Seniors and Law-enforcers Together) Council, is dedicated to promoting safety and improving quality of life for senior citizens.

Mission Statement

To develop and implement policies and programs to reduce criminal victimization, to promote crime prevention, safety awareness, and serve the special needs of the senior population of the Gloucester community. In addition, Triad will endeavor to design and support programs to improve the quality of life of Gloucester senior citizens.


The Triad Council members meet on the second Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. at the Rose Baker Senior Center, 6 Manuel F. Lewis Street. Meetings are led by Chairman Henry McCarl.

Membership in Triad includes Gloucester senior citizens, representatives of the Gloucester Police and Fire Departments, Essex County Sheriff’s Department, District Attorney’s Office, Mayor of Gloucester, and Gloucester Housing Authority. The concept for the Triad Council was developed by the National Sheriffs’ Organization.

Ongoing Programs

Triad consists of several ongoing programs. There is no cost associated with participating in any of these programs except emergency bags.

Emergency Information:

  • File of Life: A card with all of your medical information that fits into a folder that attaches to your refrigerator (in case of medical emergency).
  • Wallet File of Life: A card with all of your medical information that fits into a small folder that fits in your wallet or pocketbook.
  • Yellow Dot: For your car, a sheet similar to the ’File of Life’ that you keep in your vehicle’s glove compartment. A yellow dot is placed on the vehicle’s rear window to alert medical emergency personnel this file is present. Because Triad is a national program, police throughout the country are trained to look for the yellow dot.
  • Smoke Detector: A program that provides you with a free smoke detector which the Fire Department will also install for you.
  • Shredder Program at the Senior Center.
  • Emergency Bags
  • Medication Disposal
  • Elder Addiction (in conjunction with the Health Department).
  • Scams (used mock trial to demonstrate and inform).
  • House Numbering

Upcoming possible new TRIAD Programs:

  • Senior ID’s
  • Identity theft

You are welcome to enroll in any of the above programs by calling (978) 325-5800 or by visiting the Rose Baker Senior Center and leaving your contact information. A Triad Committee member will return your call and arrange for you to receive the item(s) that you have requested. If you know of an individual who may need one or more of the above services, let us know and we will make arrangements to visit that individual and provide for their needs. All of these programs are designed to improve the safety of senior citizens.