Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Info

Operation and Maintenance

Installation, Operations, and Maintenance Info

The Health Department provides lists of septic professionals for your convenience. Many of the septic professionals must be permitted in the City, so be sure to check the list(s) before hiring a professional.

For more information on Title 5 Inspectors:

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Failed System? Please Note:

If you are required to have a Title 5 septic system inspection but are certain that the system would fail and would rather not incur the expense of the inspection cost, you may complete and submit an ’Agreement to Upgrade a Septic System or Connect to Sewer form instead. (Please note that if you do connect to the sewer system, your septic tank will need to be abandoned by a Gloucester-permitted installer; the installer take out an Application to Abandon Septic System, will crush the tank, fill with stone, submit photos or have the Health Agent witness), etc.

Please contact the Health Department at (978) 325-5263 for more information and for the Agreement.

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Operation and Maintenance on Innovative/Alternative Septic Systems

Technology has come a long way with respect to septic systems. The days where all septic systems were conventional stone and pipe are long gone. Lots that were previously not suited for a conventional septic system are now being outfitted with ’innovative and alternative septic systems’. There are many types of alternative septic systems and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) has approved several over the past few decades; these include drip dispersal, bottomless sand filters, and many others. Whereas the conventional stone and pipe septic systems are not required by law to have a certain number of operation and maintenance visits, most of the alternative systems do require annual maintenance and reporting to the Board of Health. Some of these alternative systems are ideal for small lots or with restrictive conditions. Innovative and alternative septic systems must be recorded on the property deed so that if the home changes hands, the new owners are made aware of the system and aware that they must by law have the system maintained and reported annually. The O&M provider doing the maintenance needs to be certified in that particular type of system in most cases, so you’ll want to be sure to check if this is the case with your property.

For more information and a list of DEP-approved innovative and alternative technologies, see: