Treasurer's Office Responsibilities

The primary function of the Treasurer's Office is to preserve, protect and manage the financial resources of the City. The Treasurer is responsible for the receipt and deposit of City funds, accurate accounting and prudent investment of all City funds in order to maximize yields while maintaining adequate liquidity and ensure compliance with Massachusetts General Laws, City of Gloucester ordinances and any other financial mandates. The Treasurer is also responsible for negotiating all municipal borrowings (both short and long-term) for capital-related projects. The Treasurer also is responsible for the collection of tax title receivables and is the custodian of tax-foreclosed property for the City.

Collector's Office Responsibilities

The Collector's Office is responsible for billing and collecting real estate taxes, motor vehicle and boat excise taxes, parking tickets, sewer and water bills, and sewer betterment fees. In addition, the department issues Municipal Lien Certificates. Municipal Lien Certificates are required before buyers and sellers of property can finalize agreements for the transfer of real property. Lawyers and mortgage lending institutions depend upon these documents as an indication that a property is free of local liens.

The City also participates in the Registry of Motor Vehicle license and registration renewal and marking program.