Volunteering in Gloucester

Volunteering in Gloucester is currently in development.

In the meantime, citizens interested in volunteering should submit their interest in writing to the Mayor’s Office (9 Dale Avenue, Gloucester, MA 01930).

A person who volunteers in the City of Gloucester is an individual who willingly and freely offers services with no expectation of payment or other compensation. Volunteers are not employees of the city. Volunteers include, but are not limited to, Boards and Commissions volunteers, regular city volunteers, community group volunteers, and special event volunteers.


The city benefits from volunteer involvement which:

  • Extends the City’s ability to provide services effectively and efficiently and to conserve resources.
  • Builds an understanding of and participation in city government.
  • Strengthens community ties through collaboration and partnership.

Benefits to volunteers include:

  • The opportunity to develop skills and gain experience.
  • An increased understanding of city government and the opportunity to positively influence its effectiveness.
  • Personal satisfaction in helping the community.

If you are a resident of Gloucester, at least 18 years old, and are willing to volunteer your time and expertise to your community, please submit your interest in writing to the Mayor’s Office located at 9 Dale Avenue in Gloucester.