Vital Records & Marriage Intentions


The City Clerk's office has the following vital records on file:

  • Birth Records if the parents lived in Gloucester at the time of the child's birth; the child was born in Gloucester; or both
  • Marriage Records if the intentions were filed in Gloucester
  • Death Records if the decedent died in Gloucester; or, if the decedent was a resident of Gloucester at the time of death (unless the death occurred out of state); or both

Some birth and marriage records are restricted records under Massachusetts Law (MGL Ch. 46, Sec. 2A). In order to be allowed access to such documents, valid ID must be shown by the person requesting the document (a photocopy of the ID if mailing a request). Only those listed on the document will have access to the record. 

Request for vital records can be made in person or by mail. To obtain a copy of a vital record by mail, please download the Vital Record Request Form. Mail the completed form with a check or money order for the  correct amount, and a  #10 self-addressed stamped envelope to the City Clerk's office. 

All vital records issued through the City Clerk's office must be certified. We cannot issue photocopies or send copies electronically. For additional information on vital records, please visit the Massachusetts Registry of Vital Records and Statistics

Fee: $15.00 for the first certified copy; $7.50 for each additional copy of the same record requested at the same time.


Home births are required by law to be registered in the community where the child was born. Information on registering a home birth can be found by visiting Resources for Preparing Vital Records (Home Birth) provided by

If you had a home birth in Gloucester, please reach out to the City Clerk's office at 978-281-9720 to begin the process of registering the birth.

FEE: There is no charge to register a home birth. Regular birth certificate fees will apply for copies of the birth certificate. 


In order to get married in Massachusetts, you must obtain a marriage license and have it in hand at the time of the wedding (please review Getting Married in Massachusetts provided by prior to starting the application process). Couples wishing to obtain a marriage license from the City of Gloucester must follow the steps listed below. Please note that we cannot accommodate walk-in marriage intention applications.

Step 1. Marriage Intention application

The marriage intention process is started electronically via email. Paperwork (a PDF fillable form) and instructions will be emailed to the couple who will complete it and return it electronically.

Step 2. Sign the intention paperwork

After you have submitted your paperwork electronically to the City Clerk's office, an appointment will be scheduled for both parties to appear together, in person, at the City Clerk's office to take an oath and sign the marriage intention paperwork and pay the license fee.

Step 3. Three-day waiting period

Massachusetts requires a three-day waiting period between signing the marriage intention and picking up the license. Closures due to holidays, holiday observances, inclement weather or any other unexpected closure will extend the waiting period. Please contact the City Clerk's office for updated hours and any upcoming closures prior to scheduling your appointment to file your marriage intention. 

Step 4. Pick up the marriage license

After the three-day waiting period expires, you may pick up your license. The license will be valid for 60 days (the expiration date appears on the license). Failure to be married within 60 days will result in the application process needing to be started over again. The City Clerk's office is not responsible for forgotten marriage licenses or situations where the three-day waiting period for the license has not expired by the time of your wedding. Please plan accordingly!

Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
The following week

Please call 978-281-9720 to begin the marriage intention process.

Fee: $40.00 (includes one complimentary certified copy of the marriage certificate)