Outreach Program

Outreach Service

Program Responsibilities

Outreach encompasses working with folks in a helping capacity at the Rose Baker Senior Center through home and telephone visits, acquainting elders and their families with community resources and opportunities and to making referrals to agencies and services when necessary.

Whom We Help

Referrals to our Outreach Division are received from Senior Center staff, family members, community agencies, and from elders themselves. Many referrals are for persons who are isolated from the community, experiencing changes in their lives or living arrangement due to illness, and seniors alone at home or living with a frail relative or friend.

Outreach specifically will target seniors with economic need, those who are socially isolated, and minority individuals, with special attention to low-income seniors with Alzheimer’s and related disorders within our community. We also help their caregivers.

Issues With Which We Assist

The Outreach Coordinator will assess the needs of Gloucester elders in order to match them with appropriate services and provide counseling and support to elders and their families in regard to issues such as:

  • Financial concerns
  • General health
  • Housing
  • Insurance
  • Legal matters
  • Medical issues / concerns
  • Transportation

Outreach also provides follow-up to all referrals (and case management as needed) and advocates for elders and their families to prevent exploitation, neglect, or abuse.

Contact Us

The office of the Outreach Coordinator is accessible by elevator on the second floor of the Rose Baker Senior Center, located at:
6 Manuel F. Lewis Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

You may also contact the Senior Center for more information by calling (978) 325-5800.