Harbor Planning & Development

Gloucester’s historic, working waterfront has always been and continues to be the center of both civic and commercial activity in the City. The City continues to prioritize and explore ways to support infrastructure investment, create and retain jobs, and diversify our fisheries-based maritime economy. We believe our evolving economy, which continues to respond to such pressures as commercial fishing regulation and climate change, is poised to capitalize on new opportunities in marine research and product development to move Gloucester’s fishing and waterfront economy forward. The future of our harbor economy will be built upon strengthening its existing industry and infrastructure with compatible businesses while allowing a variety of scaled supporting uses. The city is identifying compatible industries for the commercial fishery, such as the professional maritime trades, renewable energy, and marine and climate change research. These economies provide additional work for the existing commercial fleet, increase demand for shoreside property, and may create synergy between the existing knowledge base of the community and the emerging blue economy industries.

Development of the 2022 Harbor Plan is currently underway - find out more on the City's Harbor Planning Website.

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