Cape Ann Mass in Motion

Mass in Motion - Cape Ann’s Mission


What is Mass in Motion?

The Mass in Motion Municipal Wellness and Leadership Initiative is a movement to lower the risk of chronic disease by supporting equitable food access and active living opportunities in cities and towns throughout Massachusetts. Working with a diverse network of partners, Mass in Motion Communities implement proven policies and practices to create environments that support healthy living.

 Who is Cape Ann Mass in Motion?

Led by the City of Gloucester Health Department and funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health the Cape Ann Mass in Motion coalition is comprised of Gloucester, Rockport, Essex and Manchester-by-the-sea. Those involved in the coalition work to advance policy, systems, and environmental change as it relates to healthy food access and active living for all members of our community.  Contact Jennifer Donnelly, Grant Coordinator | Cape Ann Mass in Motion for more information or to get involved in our coalition.  

What are we working on?

 Active Transportation

Active Transportation Planning helps municipalities establish processes that support walking, biking, and the use of public transportation, and identifies where related infrastructure should be built. Higher rates of physical activity related to active transportation options can reduce rates of chronic disease and create safer community environments. *1

*1 - "CDC Transportation Recommendations," Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2017), CDC Transportation.

Cape Ann Bike Friendly Communities Report - May 2021

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Age Friendly Communities

The Age Friendly strategy considers livability through an "8-80" approach - designing a community to be safe and livable for seniors will also benefit people of all ages.  Specifically, Age Friendly Communities is an initiative of AARP and the World Health Organization to create livable communities for older adults around the country and worldwide, and also for people of all ages, in consideration of the increasing population of older adults.  It creates communities with:

  • safe, walkable streets
  •  age friendly housing and transportation options
  • access to needed services
  • opportunities for residents of all ages to participate in community life

The initiative works "to educate and inspire elected officials, local leaders, planners and citizen activists on how to identify their community's specific needs and then create and implement the programs, policies and projects that will help meet those needs.

Cape Ann Seniors on the GO is an Age Friendly Communities initiative of Cape Ann Mass in Motion.  This initiative aims to increase access to health food and physical activity opportunities by reducing transportation barriers for at risk older adults who reside in our four Cape Ann communities.  Please contact us for the current schedule of trips that are available and additional information on services in other Cape Ann communities.