Sealer of Weights & Measures

Enforcement and Responsibilities 

The Sealer of Weights and Measures enforces accuracy requirements and other standards relating to weighing and measuring devices and their use in the sale of food, fuels and other products. DOS regulates the sale of gasoline and sets standards for lubricating oils and antifreeze, including the inspection of all fuel dispensing equipment for required markings pertaining to grade and brand.

The Weights & Measures Division’s mission is to create equity in the marketplace for both consumers and businesses by serving residents, visitors and merchants while ensuring and upholding quality standards.


What Is Weights & Measures And What Does It Do For You?

Weights & Measures is a service of government that ensures a level playing field in the marketplace between consumers and merchants.

Our job is to inspect commercial weighing or measuring devices that are used daily in the marketplace.  Weights & Measures Inspectors are responsible for devices like gasoline meters and scales of all sizes and application.  We also inspect scanning systems in retail stores, price marking in food stores & food departments and we also check net weights. We work to provide a balance in daily commerce.