Building Inspector

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Code Enforcement and Responsibilities

The duties of the Building Inspector are the enforcement of the Massachusetts Building Code 780 CMR and the Architectural Access Board 521 CMR.

The purpose of 780 CMR is to establish the minimum requirements to safeguard the public health, safety, and general welfare through structural strength, means of egress facilities, stability, sanitation, adequate lighting and ventilation, energy conservation, and safety to life and property from fire and other hazards attributed to the built environment, and provide safety to fire fighters and emergency responders during emergency operations.

It is the intent of 521 CMR to provide persons with disabilities full, free and safe use of all buildings and facilities so that all such persons may have the educational, living and recreational opportunities necessary to be as self-sufficient as possible and to assume full responsibilities as citizens.

The building inspectors’ responsibilities include:

  • Assisting and accepting applications for the Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Enforcing the City Zoning Ordinance
  • Review special permits for the City Council
  • Approve building plans for new and existing buildings
  • Conducting and certifying inspections of schools, public buildings, day care centers, nursing homes, establishments serving alcohol, hotels/motels, multi-families, places of assembly, and similar facilities
  • Inspecting all residential, commercial and industrial jobs
  • Receiving and granting permits

Building Permits 

All of our building permits must be submitted online. Please visit Gloucester’s Online Permitting Center where you will be able to apply for all types of permits issued by the Building Inspector.

Inspectors Availability 

Inspectors are in the office and available to review online permit submissions, answer questions, and review ZBA application:

  • Monday through Friday
    8:30 am to 9:30 am by appointment
  • Monday through Thursday
    1:00 pm to 2:00 pm by appointment

Anyone traveling a considerable distance should call first to confirm the availability of an inspector.


All inspections are by appointments. To request an inspection, you must have the building permit number and proper address. Call (978) 325-5210 to request an inspection or for more information.


The fee to submit an application is $50, plus $10 per thousand on the total cost of construction (minimum fee of $60). The department’s demolition fee is $100 per story plus an application fee of $50.

  1. Donald Belanger

    Assistant Building Commissioner

  2. Inspectional Services

    Physical Address
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    Office Hours

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