Healthy Gloucester Collaborative

The mission of the Healthy Gloucester Collaborative is to reduce alcohol and other drug problems and the related consequences to youth and families in Gloucester. We are a network of public and private community members whose vision is to create a healthier environment for Gloucester’s youth. Our membership includes parents, youths, elected leaders, health professionals, law enforcement personnel, schools, the business community, and members of the recovering and religious communities.

The Get Connected Pledge!

  • I will actively chaperone all underage parties/activities in my home.
  • I will not serve or allow alcoholic beverages or drugs to be served at underage parties/activities in my home.
  • I will alert the appropriate parents/guardians of any teenager who arrives or appears to be intoxicated.
  • I welcome calls from other parents whose teens have been invited to my home.

Please visit the Healthy Gloucester Collaborative Facebook page for more information.