HIV, AIDS, & Hepatitis C

North Shore Health Project and ONESTOP Harm Reduction Center

North Shore Health Project

Founded in 1988, the North Shore Health Project has been supporting the health and well being of people living on the North Shore for more than three decades. Originally formed by friends, loved ones, and those impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, over the years NSHP has grown to include client advocacy, case management, and our OneStop needle exchange offering community education, overdose prevention, free testing for HIV, STI, and Hepatitis C, and LGBTQ+ services. 

Services include HIV, Hepatitis C, and Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing, access to sterile syringes and other injection drug equipment, disposal of used syringes, overdose prevention and access to Narcan and fentanyl test strips, condoms and lube, counseling and education on how to keep yourself safe as possible, any necessary or desired referrals, and outreach and education to staff at other agencies. We offer LGBTQIA+ Health Liaison services with competent referrals for gender affirming/trans affirming care on top of the services that are listed. Services are provided at no cost to you, anonymously, or confidentially, no referral necessary.

Mission: The North Shore Health Project offers a harm reduction model that encourages people affected by or at risk for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and/or substance use disorder to benefit from our support services, case management and advocacy efforts.

ONESTOP Harm Reduction Center

ONE STOP is an acronym that represents the many harm reduction services we provide: Outreach, Needle Exchange, Sexual health, Testing, and Overdose Prevention. 

What is Harm Reduction? 

Harm Reduction is an evidence-based approach to behavioral change that meets clients where they are at today. We recognize that—whether it’s drug use, sexual behavior, eating, taking their medication, and so on—individuals aren’t always ready today to make changes to behaviors that may be causing them harm. We honor our clients’ right to make informed decisions about their health by providing information and tools such as clean syringes, condoms or naloxone. Unlike many programs, we do not demand or require any changes. We trust that our clients are experts on their own lives, while continuing to work with them to identify and enhance their own motivations to make changes and set their own goals on what those changes should be. When clients are ready to make changes, we are here to make referrals and provide additional support. 

What services are available to ONE STOP clients? 

Needle Exchange – We provide access clean syringes and other injection drug equipment to people who inject drugs as a means of reducing the risk of contracting HIV, Hepatitis C and other infections. Clients are given resources to safely dispose of and transport syringes. We also provide counseling, education and referrals to treatment and other available community resources.  

Sexual Health – We provide access to free condoms, lube, counseling and education on sexually transmitted diseases, and how to protect against them, including referrals and education about PrEP.

Testing – We provide HIV, Hepatitis C and STI testing. 

Overdose Prevention –  People who use opioids, friends, family, providers and community members can access overdose prevention training and access to the overdose reversal drug, Naloxone (more commonly known as Narcan). 

Outreach and Education – We are available to provide outreach, education and training to other providers, their clients and the general public. Topics include HIV, Hepatitis C, sexual health, injection drug user health, overdose prevention, naloxone administration, harm reduction and more. 


North Shore Health Project and ONESTOP Harm Reduction Center
33 Commercial Street, 2nd floor
Gloucester MA 01930
Use the entrance facing the Beauport Hotel

Monday-Thursday 9-5
Fridays 9-1

Phone: 978-283-0101

HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis C – Information and Services


Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/AIDS and Hepatitis C are two diseases that can be acquired by coming in contact with infected blood or bodily fluids. The Gloucester Health Department is committed to ensuring that all residents at risk for HIV or Hepatitis C infection and those living with HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis C have equal access to health care and public health care efforts.

The North Shore Health Project has a location in Gloucester which provide services to people living with HIV and Hepatitis C, as well as prevention and harm reduction services.

Client Services Program for people living with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C

Services include, education, assistance navigating medical care, nurse consultation, case management, holistic therapies, support groups and social programming, meals and nutritional programs. All services are confidential and provided at no cost to you.

Hepatitis C Initiative 

Did you know those born 1945 to 1965 are five times more likely than any other adult to be infected with Hepatitis C?

Talk with your healthcare provider today about getting tested. A simple blood test (covered by all insurance and Medicare) could save your life.

For additional questions or information, please contact the Public Health Nurse at (978) 325-5266.