Animal Inspector

ResponsibilitiesHorse in a Stable

The Gloucester Health Department’s Animal Inspector is responsible for implementation of measures to protect against the spread of disease in the animal population and the possible subsequent spread to humans.

Routine inspections are made of all cattle, sheep, and swine and suspect disease cases are investigated. Permitting and annual inspections are also performed of all horse stables to ensure compliance with Gloucester Board of Health’s Stable Regulations (PDF). You must fill out a Stable Permit Application (PDF) and return to the Health Department. Permits are renewed annually.

Rabies Information

The Gloucester Health Department, in coordination with the animal inspector and local health care providers, assures that quick response is provided to suspect rabies incidents. Isolation, quarantine or euthanasia of the animal along with vaccination of an exposed human are all employed as needed.

A rabies fact sheet (PDF) is provided by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for additional information on warning signs and what to do if you believe you have been exposed to rabies.

  1. Diane Corliss

    Animal Inspector

    (978) 704-5531