Mooring Wait List



With the demand for moorings in the waters around Gloucester being so high, it is necessary for the Harbormaster’s Office to maintain a list of boat owners who are awaiting a mooring rental. As moorings become available, they are allocated to the applicant with a suitable boat who has been waiting the longest. Separate wait lists are maintained for each location and applicants can apply for more than one location at a time.

Renewal Notices

Each October, the Harbormaster’s Office sends all applicants renewal notices to for Fiscal 2018, renewals will be done through MooringInfo, Homeport website.  Applicants who fail to respond to the renewal are removed from the list. If you do not receive your renewal form by the end of October, contact the Harbormaster’s office at (978) 325-5750 immediately.

For More Information

Please contact the Harbormaster’s Office for more information about the process or to join a wait list.

Online Wait List

To view the waitlist, visit Homeport and view the "Waitlists" under "Actions". If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the Harbormaster’s Office at (978) 325-5750.