Honor Guard

Firefighter Memorial

Respecting Our Fallen

The Gloucester Fire Department (GFD) Honor Guard was officially organized in 2002. The organization came about as a response to ensure that fallen firefighters and departed retired firefighters were given the honor and dignity they deserve at their funeral services. The GFD Honor Guard made its official debut at the Gloucester Veterans Day ceremony on November 11, 2002.

Official Honor Guard Members:

Group 1

Lt. Dan Kennedy (Grp 1 Rep)

Lt. Mike Shulman

Pat Legro

Joe Johnson

Nick Aiello


Group 2

Lt. Dom Gambale

Andrew Pierce

Sean Ellis

David Osier

Jonathan Sanger


Group 3

Mike Mitchell (Commander)

Jeff Romeo (Bagpipes & Deputy Commander)

David Elwell (Deputy Commander)

Lt. Dave Barrett

Kyle Benson

Andrew Lyons

Jason Thibodeau



Asst. Chief Bob Rivas

Deputy Barry Aptt

Capt. Kevin Gargan

Lt. Tom Sayess

Contact Us

For additional information about the Honor Guard, please contact the Gloucester Fire Department at (978) 325-5300.