Anyone interested in obtaining a Transient Vendor Permit, a Fixed Vendor Permit or a Hawkers & Peddlers License is strongly encouraged to read GCO Chapter 11 "Hawkers, Peddlers, Transient Vendors and Special Events" prior to submitting an application.


A permit is required for door to door solicitation. Permits are issued by the Police Department.


Fixed vendor permits are bid on each year through the Purchasing Department. A Hawkers & Peddlers license is required in order to bid on a fixed location. For more information on fixed vendor permits, please reach out to the Purchasing Department.

Fee: Winning bid amount (plus $100.00 for a Hawkers & Peddlers License).


A person who is vending with a Hawker & Peddler license is required to make a sale and move on, and is not allowed to be stationary at one location. Issuance of a Hawkers & Peddlers License is subject to the approval of the Licensing Commission.

A Hawker & Peddler license expires on March 1 of each year; the fee is not prorated.

Hawker & Peddler Application

Fee: $100.00


Transient Vendor permits are required for vendors who are selling goods at special events in the City of Gloucester. Vendors who hold a state vending license are still required to obtain a local Transient Vendor permit from the city.  It is the responsibility of the event organizer to obtain the completed application (including payment) from the vendor(s) and submit it to the Police Department for approval prior to submitting it to the City Clerk's office. Applications for Transient Vendor permits are to be submitted to the City Clerk's office 45 days in advance of the special event (GCO Ch. 11, Secs. 11-10 & Sec. 11-11).

Applications should not be submitted to the Police Department or to the City Clerk's office until the event has been approved by the Special Events Advisory Committee.

Transient Vendor Application

Fee: $25.00 per event