Avian Influenza and Flock Testing

Prevent the Spread of Poultry Disease By Testing Your Flock

Do You Own Poultry in Massachusetts? Is Your Poultry Tested for Salmonella Pullorum or Avian Influenza? 

If you own poultry, here are some things that you should know:

  • Your stock should be tested for Salmonella Pullorum or Avian Influenza if you are doing the following steps:
    • If you SELL or GIVE AWAY hatching eggs, chicks or grown birds, they must be from a tested flock (MGL Ch 129 sec 26B).
    • If poultry leaves your property for exhibition, they must also be from a tested flock.
    • Test your flock annually: test all chickens., turkeys, upland gamebirds, guinea or peafowl over 16 weeks of age.

This is in compliance with the Division of Animal Health, Poultry division which is responsible for ensuring the Commonwealth's compliance with the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) requirements and Massachusetts General Law. Compliance with MGL Chapter 129 sec 1 and MGL Chapter 129 sec 26B to prevent the spread of poultry diseases.

To arrange for you free testing, please call the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture Resources at (617) 626-1795. For more information,  please visit the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources website.