Police & Courthouse Building Committee



The Police & Courthouse Building Committee was formed to be the representative for the City for all dealings with the Architect or others during the rebuilding process.  The authority of the Committee shall include but not limited to: preparation of all bidding documents, supervision of public bidding process, award contract to successful bidder, compliance with the program and time requirements of the City, evaluation of the quality, appropriateness and functional attributes of the architects solution or proposal, periodic meetings with Architect and Builder to assure compliance as project moves forward, review of all change orders during the construction phase, and all other powers and duties as necessary and appropriate.

Meeting Agendas:

Agendas are available prior to Committee meetings.
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Meeting results are also available following approval.
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First NameLast NameAddress
EdwardConleyPolice Department(978) 283-1212

Building Department(978) 325-5210
ChristopherMcQuadeCourthouse(978) 283-2620
HeidiFialhoPolice Department(978) 283-1212
JohnDunnTreasurer's Office(978) 281-9707
JohnMcCarthyCity Council(508) 284-0204
JosephBalboPolice Department(978) 283-1212
JosephFitzgeraldPolice Department(978) 283-1212
RyanKnowlesInformation Services(978)325-5250
ShawnBouchiePolice Department(978) 283-1212