The following is a message from the City of Gloucester’s Board of Health

Gloucester has done well in looking after its own during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even so, too many of our friends and family have been lost to the COVID virus and we are still not through this threat to our health.

As you have heard, the COVID virus has mutated to the more aggressive and infectious Delta variant.

The Delta variant infects the young as well as the old and is spreading in Massachusetts and in Gloucester.

No one wants to lose more friends, or family to COVID.

Currently, the number of those in our City who have the virus is low, but it has been slowly rising.

We can stop the spread of COVID in Gloucester.

The Gloucester Board of Health ask all of you to follow these two recommendations:

First, everyone, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, should increase their vigilance - meet outside if you can, wear a mask when indoors in public places and keep 6-feet of distance when around those of unknown vaccination status.

Second, and most important, if you haven’t already, please get vaccinated.

Vaccination against COVID is the most effective way to prevent suffering the worst effects of the virus and in preventing hospitalization and death.

Vaccination is for your safety, helps to protect your family, friends and everyone you meet.

To find out where you can get vaccinated and protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus, please go to the State Department of Public Health’s vaccine finder website at:

Our knowledge regarding the virus increases every day and we will continue our work to help ensure the health and safety of Gloucester residents.

Thank you for your time and the Gloucester Board of Health thanks the City Administration for its continued partnership in protecting the health and safety of all Gloucester residents