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For Realtors and Real Estate Agents
For Realtors and Real Estate Agents
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Tips for a Successful Real Estate Transaction

House Numbering:

In the event of an emergency, the proper numbering of homes, business and other buildings allows first responders to locate it quicker than an unnumbered one.  Gloucester's City Council's ordinance requires numbers to be affixed to or inscribed on buildings. (Gloucester's Code Ordinances Sec. 21-4.)


(a) Numbers shall be affixed to or inscribed on all dwelling houses and other buildings in regular series, now or hereafter erected on any street or way in the city, in accordance with a plan approved by the city council. Numbers shall be not less than three inches in height and shall be of contrasting color to the surface to which they are attached. Numbers shall be prominently displayed on the house or building in such a manner as to be seen from the street at all times without difficulty.

(b) The primary location for numbers shall be near the door facing the street or way that provides the principal approach to the house or building. On houses or buildings obscured from the street by trees or other obstructions and houses or buildings which have a setback in excess of 150 feet from the edge of the traveled way, numbers shall be securely displayed at a distance not more than 20 feet from the edge of the traveled way... 

A building without the appropriate number cannot be approved for a transfer and a revisit will be necessary.  The cost of each revisit is $50.00.    

                           Alarm Systems and Detectors:

The appropriate type and installation of smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, and other detectors and alarm components will help in ensuring a successful inspection.  Different dwellings require different systems.  The age of the home or building play a role in the systems as well.  For a complete list of the type of alarm system or detectors required, please contact the fire prevention bureau at  or select the link below.

Smoke CO Ref Chart 
It is the goal of Gloucester's Fire Prevention Bureau to work in concert with realtors and agents ensuring a successful inspection on the first attempt thus saving time and money.  

Inspection requests should be by e-mail at . After receiving a request for an inspection, a reply will be generated to confirm the date, time, and what is required at the time of the inspection.

The following information must be included in your email for permit processing:

  • Location of Property to be inspected
  • Current Owner (Seller) of Property
  • Number of Dwelling Units
  • Current Owner or Real Estate Agent's phone number 

The Fire Prevention Bureau thanks you in advance for your cooperation.

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