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Campaign Political Finance Reports
The Office of Campaign and Political Finance welcomes you to browse their website for your campaign finance needs, forms, guidelines and more. Feel free to call them if you need assistance 617-979-8300. 

The Office of Campaign and Political Finance requires municipal offices to post Campaign Finance Reports of candidates with activity of $1,000 or more in a period.

November 7, 2017 Pre-election Campaign Finance Reports
Scotadam Chernov
Joseph Ciolino
Kathleen A. Clancy
Melissa Cox
Joel Favazza
Joseph J. Giacalone
Valerie H. Gilman
Tony M. Gross
Kenneth W. Hecht
Jennifer Aili Holmgren
Steven G. LeBlanc, Jr.
Paul Lundberg
R. Scott Memhard
Sean P. Nolan
James W. O'Hara, Jr.

Joseph M. Orlando, Jr.
Jonathan Pope
Michelle Sweet
Melissa Joy Teixeira
Robert D. Whynott

Please note: Mayoral Candidates now file with Campaign Finance directly, you may view their reports at www.ocpf.us, click view reports, click report log, then search for Candidates name. 

2016 Campaign Finance Reports availbale in the City Clerk's Office, no reports with activity over 1000.00 in the reporting period. 

2015 Campaign Finance Reports with activity over $1000.00

Please note: Mayoral Candidates now file with Campaign Finance directly, you may view their reports at www.ocpf.us   

2015 year end reports with activity of $1000 in reporting period:
Joe Ciolino
Melissa Cox
William Fonivelle
Joseph Giacalone
Paul Lundberg
Scott Memhard
Jamie W. O'Hara, Jr.
Joseph M. Orlando, Jr. 
Kenneth Sarofeen

2015 pre-election (Nov. 3) reports:
Joe Ciolino Councilor at Large
Joel Favazza School Committee
William Fonvielle Ward 5
Joseph Giacalone Councilor at Large
Valerie Gilman Ward 4
Kathryn Goodick Ward 4
Amy Beth Healey Councilor at Large
Paul Lundberg Councilor at Large
Scott Memhard Ward 1
Sean Nolan Ward 5
Joseph Orlando, Jr. Councilor at Large
James W. O'Hara, Jr. 
Kenneth Sarofeen Councilor at Large
Robert Whynott Councilor at Large

2015 pre-preliminary reports:
Scott Memhard ward 1 candidate
Everett Brown ward 1 candidate     

2014 year end campaign finance reports
Gregory Verga
Kenneth Sarofeen
Paul McGeary
Carolyn Kirk
Robert D Whynott

2013 Year end campaign finance reports
Carolyn A Kirk
Gregg Verga
Joseph Ciolino
Mac Bell
Melissa Cox
Paul Lundberg
Robert K Whitmarsh Jr.
Sefatia ottRomeo Theken
William Fonvielle
Mayoral race
Carolyn A Kirk
Mac S Bell

Councilor At Large Race
Joseph Ciolino
Paul Lundberg
Sefatia Romeo Theken
Greg Verga
Robert K Whitmarsh, Jr.

Ward Councilor Race
Ward 1 Paul M McGeary 
Ward 2 Melissa Cox
Ward 5 Scotadam Chernov
Ward 5 William Fonvielle

School Committee Race
Kathleen A Clancy
Tony M Gross
Hannah Scialdone Kimberley

2012 year end CFR
2012 year end CFR for Joseh Ciolino pg. 1
2012 year end CFR for Joseph Ciolino pg. 2
2012 year end CFR for Carolyn Kirk

2011 year end CFR

2011 year end CFR con't

2011 CFR for Carolyn Kirk 
2011 CFR for Bruce Tobey
2011 CFR for Greg Verga
2011 CFR for Joseph Ciolino
2011 CFR for Sefatia A. Romeo-Theken
2011 CFR for Melissa Cox
2011 CFR for Kenneth Sarofeen

Click here to view the 2010 reports.

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