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About Curbside Recycling.... It's Mandatory in Gloucester and.....
...Recycling your trash is an important way you can help preserve our environment, reduce our consumption of precious natural resources, save yourself and our City money.  The more you put out for recycling, the less you have to spend on bags.  Only with your help can we reach our recycling goals.  Each item that is removed from the waste stream reduces our trash disposal costs, enabling us to use that money for other important city services - all while helping to preserve our environment!

Before you throw something into your trash container, please ask yourself, "Can this be recycled?"

Even a small change can make a difference.

Glass, Plastic and Metals may be combined in a Recycle Bin

Acceptable Items In This Catergory:

Steel/Tin and Metal Food Cans
Aluminum Pie Plates and Trays
Beverage Cans
Clear/ Colored Glass Food and Beverage Containers
Plastics #1-#7 which include:
Milk, Water, Soda, & Juice Bottles
Laundry, Bleach/Fabric Softener Bottles
Shampoo, Conditioner Bottles
Gable/waxy Cartons (OJ, Cream Containers and Juice Boxes.

Unaccetpable Items In This Category:

Paint cans
Aerosol Cans
Metal Items such as coat hangers etc.
Broken glass/auto glass
Ceramics (plates, cookware)
Drinking Glasses
Light bulbs
Plastic Bags
Styrofoam Packaging of ANY KIND
Chemical and Motor Oil Containers
No Plastic Toys

Cardboard - All Cardboard Is Mandatory to Recycle! It Will NOT Be Accepted In The Trash!
  • Break down, flatten of fold boxes, cartons & other pieces of cardboard into 3'x3'x1' bundles and tie them together and place next to or beside your bin

        Please Do NOT:

  • Contaminated boxes
  • Soiled pizza boxed (cut out grease stained areas)
  • DO NOT place inside another box

Please put paper in paper grocery bags.  Keep paper free from food and plastic wrapping.

Acceptable Items In This Category:

Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs, Junk Mail, Envelopes, Paperback and Hardcover Books (please remove the covers on hardcovered books), Paper Bags, Phone Books, Office/Computer Paper, Boxboard (such as cereal, cracker - remove liners.

Unacceptable Items In This Category:

Food soiled paper/boxes
Plastic Bags
Paper Towels, Tissues, Napkins, Disposalbe Diapers.

DO NOT mix loose paper with plastic/glass/metal containers - It must be separate!

Recycling Containers
Please have at least one Recycling Bin to identify recycling.  Larger personal containers may be used for plastics, glass, bottles & cans only, provided a "Recycle"  Sticker is on the outside and it weights less than 50 lbs.

"Recycle" Bumper Stickers may be obtained at the Department of Public Works (DPW) at 28 Poplar Street.

There is a $5 fee to replace a lost or stolen bin, or to purchase an additional bin.

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