How do I obtain a permit to burn brush?

A permit must be obtained online at Gloucester’s Online Permitting Central via View Point Cloud. Those without internet access may come into Fire Headquarters/Fire Prevention Office at 8 School Street and use our public-access computer in the lobby to apply. The permit fee is $25.00. The online system accepts all major credit cards and charges a $1.74 processing fee. Applicants can also pay by check (payable to City of Gloucester) in person or by mail. Please note that permits paid by check cannot be issued until the check has been processed; this may cause a several day delay. Checks returned for insufficient funds must be redeemed in cash and a $25.00 fee for handling returned checks will be added. Sorry, no cash is accepted at any time. The burning season runs from January 15 through May 1 each year. As weather conditions can change rapidly, especially in the spring, the Deputy Fire Chief on duty determines on a daily basis when it is safe to conduct open burning. You must call each day to see if it’s permissible to burn as weather conditions or other factors may determine whether conditions allow burning that day. The Open Burn Status phone number: (978) 325-5300 and select extension 1. Visit our Burn Information Page.

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