Why do you send a fire engine when I called for an ambulance?

All Gloucester Fire Department members are trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). During a medical emergency, minutes and seconds count. The response of the closest Firefighter/EMTs brings properly trained first responders to your home or office as quickly as possible. Life saving equipment, such as oxygen, defibrillators and medications are carried on the fire engine for use by these trained Firefighter/EMTs. In many cases the additional staff assigned on the fire engine is also needed in order to provide the level of care required that an ambulance crew of two personnel could not accomplish alone, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation at the advanced life support level. In many cases Paramedics assigned to Engines in West Gloucester, Bay View and Magnolia Stations are also Paramedics and are licensed and equipped to begin providing Advanced Life Support level of care prior to the arrival of the GFD ALS Ambulance. Current staffing does not allow this at all times but we strive to do so.

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2. Why do you send a fire engine when I called for an ambulance?
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