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Posted on: October 6, 2017

Notice To Our Water Customers

The Gloucester DPW has begun a city-wide water distribution system “fall flush” and four week switch to chlorine from monochloramine in the distribution system, which is performed annually each Fall.  The switch began September 29, 2017, and flushing followed shortly thereafter.   On November 1, 2017 the DPW will switch back to monochloramine from chlorine at which time the DPW will flush throughout the distribution system to restore monochloramine.   Also on November 1, 2017, water treatment plant operations will be transferred from West Gloucester to Babson as a part of routine operations.

During the switch to chlorine in the distribution system, a chlorine odor may be noticeable, which will not be noticeable when we return to monochloramine. Monochloramine is the main Chloramine used for disinfection in the distribution system. It is formed when dilute concentrations of chlorine and ammonia are combined at the water treatment plants and pumped to the distribution system and water storage tanks.  The annual disinfectant switch combined with flushing has helped greatly with the maintenance of water quality in the distribution system .


If discolored water is experienced, running of cold water is recommended as flushing can disturb normal flow patterns.  If water quality problems persist please call the DPW at 978-281-9785, so spot flushing can be performed as necessary.


Also the reservoirs have recovered well from the 2016 drought with excellent storage capacity well above a normal year.  

Thank you 

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