2nd Annual Maritime Summit

Innovations in the Maritime Economy

Innovation in Action – Snapshots from the Working Port

  • Intershell Seafood Mr. Monte Rome, Principal
  • Mortillaro Lobster Mr. Vince Mortillaro, Principal
  • Cruiseport Gloucester (PDF) Ms. Sheree DeLorenzo, Principal
  • Cape Ann Seafood Exchange Ms. Nina Jarvis, Manager
  • UMass College of Natural Sciences Dr. Steve Goodwin, Dean
  • Ocean Alliance (PDF) Dr. Iain Kerr, CEO
  • Maritime Gloucester Mr. Tom Balf, Executive Director

Keynote Speech

Maritime Growth Opportunities

Diversified Fisheries – Current Adaptations and Innovation

Dynamic Areas of Ocean Sciences - Dr. Earl Meredith, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), Moderator

Technologies of the New Maritime Economy

Mapping the New Maritime Economy in the Northeast Region

Catalysts for Growth Group discussion

  • Ms. Sarah Garcia, Director, Harbor Planning, Moderator 


  • Sarah Garcia, Summit Chairperson