The Designated Port Area (DPA)

Designated Port Area

Designated Port Area (DPA) Boundary Review

Designation Decision for the Gloucester Inner Harbor DPA

Effective April 23, 2014 the Gloucester Harbor DPA has a new boundary. The Secretary has found that the East Gloucester and Smith Cove planning units had predominant uses that did not meet the industrial character criteria for inclusion, and were therefore removed from the DPA.

Cover letter to Mayor Kirk (PDF)

Designation Decision (PDF), including map of revised DPA area


At the request of the Harbor Plan Committee (HPC) and former Mayor Carolyn Kirk, the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) conducted a comprehensive Boundary Review of the City’s Designated Port Area.

Presentation by CZM (PDF) - the Boundary Review process

Letter from HPC (PDF) to Mayor Kirk

Letter from Mayor Kirk (PDF) to MA Office of CZM

Massachusetts Office of CZM letter (PDF) - initiating the Review

Public Comment (PDF) at initiation of the review

DPA Boundary Designation Report

Issued February 3, 2014 the Office of Coastal Zone Management provided the City with the report of the boundary review of the Designated Port Area that had been requested by the city in April 2013.

Letter to the Mayor, February 3, 2013 accompanying the report (PDF)

2012 Kick-off DPA Panel Discussion

Back in 2012, former Mayor Carolyn Kirk convened a panel of leaders and experts from Designated Port Areas to have a thoughtful discussion about general economic vibrancy in the Designated Ports and whether the state designation is providing a helpful framework for development. View more information about the Panel (PDF).

Background to the DPA (PDF)

Summary of themes (PDF)

Minutes of the panel discussion June 26, 2012 (PDF)