Housing & Rehabilitation Program

Due to overwhelming interest the Rehab Loan Program is currently accepting names for our wait list. If you are interested please contact the Grants team at grants@gloucester-ma.gov or (978) 325-5238.

The Housing Rehabilitation Program, through the Grants Office of the City of Gloucester, offers deferred payment, 0% interest loans to owner-occupied properties (1 to 7 units). Funding is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program.

The Housing Rehab Program will provide assistance to homeowners in need of emergency repairs, building/health code violation repairs, and/or other repairs in order to improve the safety, accessibility, and energy-efficiency of their home.

Programs & Qualifications

Owner-occupied single and multi-family properties are eligible for rehabilitation assistance.

  1. Property must be owner-occupied.
  2. Property owner and/or tenant MUST fall within Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Income Guidelines at the time of assistance.
  3. Assistance is provided as deferred payment, 0% interest loans.

In cases of demonstrated need (such as deleading), the Grants Office will provide a deferred, 0% interest loan to assist owners of investment residential rental properties under 7 units. Larger rental properties will be directed to alternative funding opportunities. Please call the office to discuss further.

General Program Information

View the City of Gloucester Housing Rehabilitation Program Policy
The Program Policy outlines requirements for eligibility and the rehabilitation process.


The City of Gloucester’s Housing Rehabilitation is actively seeking qualified general contractors and deleaders for various federally-funded housing rehabilitation projects. You may receive preference in bidding if you are a qualified Section 3 or Women/Minority Business Enterprise. 

To sign up for notification of bid opportunities, please click the link below:
Housing Rehab - Bid Notifications

For more more information please contact the Grants Division at grants@gloucester-ma.gov or 978-325-5238.